Archive | September, 2012

Daily Outings







All of our residents enjoy getting out and seeing the old places that they love. A few of our residents are golf fanatics, so being able to go see the golf course, watch a game or even play a round can remind them of how great it is to be outdoors. Fresh air helps you to think more clearly and has a positive effect on your energy level. That’s why at The Rose of Poway we try to get all our residents to join in on daily outings.


Rare Opening

For over two years now we have not had an opening at The Rose. We have been fortunate to have healthy and stable residents. Today we announce that a rare opportunity has presented itself for a new resident to join us. Our newest resident will be able to enjoy the 6 hours a day of activities and 24 hour awake caregivers that are unique to The Rose. These are just two of the many traits that make us one of the leading Memory Care centers in San Diego.


Foods From Around the World

A major part of healthy aging stems from what we consume and different cultures offer diverse foods that can reduce routines, while inducing healthy life styles. Our residents had never tried Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), so we had put together a dinner letting all of our residents try something new, which they loved. With a successful dinner trying health dishes from different cultures, we have implanted a plan to try a different dish from a different country every Friday.