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Computer Class Is Now in Session

It is never to late to learn a new skill. We worked with our residents one-to-one to teach them basic computer and e-mail skills. For those residents who cannot type, e-mails are dictated for them! This opens the door to keeping in touch with friends and family! “I can keep in touch with my grandson in college”.
Emails are sent and received by the residents and it brings them closer to their families. This communication with their family uplifts our Alzheimer’s patients beyond words, the smiles are ear to ear!

Never too old to learn a new skill

Ann renewing her typing skills


Music Is Magic

drumming on a practice drum

Having some fun drumming

It is magical especially for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments. This week at The Rose of Poway we began individual drumming lessons to lay the foundation for our regular music therapy class beginning in September. With a pair of drumsticks in hand and a smile one resident said “I’m 82 years old learning to drum? Life is so wonderful, and I’m actually kind of good “.
All the residents were smiling and had a determination to play. The music brought back fond memories and turned the music session into a reminiscing talk about childhood music lessons that they loved.


Fashioning Jewelery

We offer a wide variety of hobbies for our memory impaired residents. A great example of this is fashioning jewelry. Working with a variety of jewelry making materials is a nice tactile activity for

Fashioning Bracelets

Enjoying Jewelry Design

our residents with Alzheimer’s or other Dementia’s. The feel and colors of the beads stimulates both brain and body. Each resident made their own bracelet to keep or give as a gift!!
Pride and a sense of accomplishment are the reward.


The Power of Reminiscing

Have you ever just needed a friend? Of course, we all have at one time or another. At The Rose of Poway we have the unique ability to offer one on one time. Group activities are great, but individual time is very important. For a person with Alzheimer’s to know they can have a private conversation about anything they want gives them a sense of belonging, importance, and peace.
We also offer trips out from The Rose of Poway to “get away” and really allow a chance for reflection and relaxation! On a recent trip one resident said “I feel so normal being able to sit by the lake and just chat”.

MAry Ellen enjoying one-to-one time

A beautiful day at Lake Poway


Fitness for Life

Alzheimer's exercise

Building our muscles

The residents at The Rose of Poway began a new weekly fitness program. The program is designed and taught by fitness guru Tina Bertelle, our very own Activities Director. The fitness regimen is tailored to our Alzheimer’s & Dementia patients and includes strength training, balance, breathing techniques, Yoga, Tai Chi, massage & education. Every exercise is adapted to the abilities of each resident. They really enjoy learning how to strengthen their body, with smiles ear to ear! One resident even stated “I’ve never felt so strong and happy”.
Giving our Alzheimer’s patients simple fitness goals has helped reduce stress & agitation.
After each workout we always replenish with balanced protein shakes or fruit smoothies that they absolutely love!!
Family and visitors are encouraged to work out with us! Please join our fitness program Monday-Friday beginning at 10am.

Alzheimer's exercise

Building our muscles


Gold Rush at the Rose of Poway!

"Gold Fever"

"Theres gold in those hills"

With a captive curiosity, the residents, all whom have dementia, began studying the large green pans & bucket full of dirt. I began by reading excerpts from a secret California treasure book with stories of gold buried in the hills! Every single person was excited to find out if they had any gold in their dirt! The bucket contained real dirt from Cooper Creek in Julian California. Residents took turns panning and sifting, adding water and hoping for treasure! We did find a small ruby and a few gold flakes, but best of all, even our Alzheimer’s residents, found some buried memories!! Now we all have Gold Fever!